We specialize in fine quality working timepieces


Our collection of early American timepieces range in production dates of 1850's to 1920's. During the Industrial Revolution,  America began to dominate the pocket watch market Worldwide with their innovations in mass produced, high quality, Precision timepieces. . Companies that lead the way included Waltham, Elgin, Howard, Hamilton, Rockford, and contracted Ball RR timepieces.


Our Swiss timepieces are extensive and in some cases quite rare. Some one-of-a-kind pocket watches, many complications, ornate, skillfully produced by inventive watchmakers such as Ulysse Nardin, Jules Huguenin, Jacot, Regulateur, Omega and Longines. Our focus on Swiss made timepieces is early to mid 1800's. 


Our French timepieces include daring craftsman such as Berthoud, Lepine, Breguet, Roskopf and high quality Unknowns all crafted in the early to mid 1800ca. Often these pocket watches are ornate with enameled outer cases, hand painted dials, finely inlayed semi-precious stones, cartouches, gold/silver case. We also sell limited  timepieces including carriage clocks, Morbier clocks and fine quality table clocks.


Our English timepieces range from the late c1700 to the mid c1800 . These handcrafted watches often contain historical information to reference each watchmakers origin, dates practiced and specialties. The ability of small workshops to produce high quality watches is quite amazing,indeed.  We stock makers such as Graham, Tompion,  Russhell, Bernstein & 100's more by fine craftsmen.