Richard Robbins ~ My Pocket Watch Story

I've purchased thousands of antique pocket watches. I know which timepieces are of the finest quality & precision, Country of origin, which craftsmen were skillful, inventive, daring, and the periods they practiced.
My apprenticeship ~ was earned over a four-year period with a third generation Middle East pocket watch maker.  I've been recognized by highly regarded authors as an expert in Horological knowledge; including Peter James in his international best seller "Dead Man's Time".
My inventory ~ is focused around hundreds of American production, English verge, French ornate and the emergence of high quality Swiss made movements. The timepieces we list for sale each include a history of the watchmaker sourced from "G.H. Baillie", Christopher Barrow, Flammarion, Brian Loomes, David Thompson and many more. Each early timepiece is unique into itself, designed by skilled craftsmen to their engineering perfection and loaded with watchmaker history and locations practiced.

My collection ~Why I Sell My best timepieces

My passion for pocket watches has evolved over many years, focused in three core areas:  (1) Timepiece restoration, (2) Understanding old world craftsman skills, (3) Research history of timepiece. Having said that, once I accomplish these core areas, the timepiece is ready to sell, which leads me to searching for my next project.

Dedicated To My Daughter Caroline Moore Robbins and My Father and Mother ....who by dying they are born to Eternal Life. Amen